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Ten Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Day

Updated: 2 days ago

Weddings come in many forms nowadays, with couples choosing to veer away from the traditional elements of a wedding and instead, adding their own personality and flair to the day. I love this evolution as when I attend a wedding, it is always the personal touches that I remember for years to come.

Your wedding should be no different… you are spending a lot of money on this day so why not make sure it is authentic, fun and reflects you as a couple. Once you have all the big stuff locked in, start to think about how you can embed your personalities throughout the day. Here are a few simple ideas to get you thinking.

Ten Personalisation Ideas:

Signature Cocktails: If you love a good cocktail (or mocktail), why not create one for your guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour. You can even have a ‘his’ or ‘hers’ version.

Fun Signage: In most situations, the stationery and signage which you order for the day needs to serve a functional purpose… but why not incorporate a little personal touch as part of the process.

Accessories: When having photos with your bridal party, you may like to consider adding some fun accessories. If you’re a lover of wearing sunnies, using special champagne coupes, or using a beautiful sun umbrella (parasol), get some for the whole crew!

Interactive Dessert Station: If people have been seated for a big portion of the reception, being able to move around and do something a little more interactive is a great idea come time for dessert. Think berries in coupe glasses, wedding cake, petit fours, s'mores, espresso martinis, cupcakes, gelato truck, or a long sharing cake. It doesn't have to be traditional if you don't want it to be.

Incorporate Your Interests: When you think about what you and your partner love to do, what springs to mind? If you are huge coffee lovers, why not lock in a coffee cart to show up later in the night offering espresso coffees and martinis. Or perhaps you love a good slider, so you may like to offer some for a late night snack! Imagine how happy you would be if you saw your favourite foods show up on the best day of your life.

Polaroid Cameras: Let your guests take behind the scenes snaps from your day! Its a great way to continue reliving the day for years to come.

Guest Comfort: You can prioritise the comfort of your guests in a way that is thoughtful. If you think the ladies will be uncomfortable in their stilettos, provide some heel covers for them to use. If you think people will get cold, provide a bundle of blankets or an outdoor fire pit for people to relax around. If you’re asking your guests to return the following day for brunch, you may even want to provide little hangover kits on their departure. It’s all about paying attention to the smaller details.

Family: It is lovely to include something from previous family weddings if you have anything special to you. For example, you may like to wear some family jewellery, or use the ribbon from your parents wedding cars to wrap around your bouquets. This will be special for you but also your family.

Lawn Games: There are no rules around what lawn games you offer whilst you are off getting group photos. If you would like a game of Kubb, Mini Golf or Giant Jenga, make it happen.

Hopefully there are one or two ideas in here to help get you thinking. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to explore our planning services further. We would love to help curate the perfect day for you.

With Love, Lisa xx

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