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Top Ten Wedding Day Regrets!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

A common question that I get asked is what my clients may have done differently if they were to organise their wedding again! I love it when people ask this question as it means they are keen to learn from others experiences to ensure they can avoid some of the common pitfalls for their own special day.

As there are so many of you out there who are recently engaged, I thought I would share the top ten most common wedding day regrets that I hear about, to help you with the planning process. So here it goes…

Top Ten Wedding Day Regrets

1. Not cutting down the guest list:

Confirming your guest list can sometimes be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. There may be people you feel you ‘should’ invite due to social pressures for example however people understand how expensive weddings can be and it is completely acceptable to keep numbers small and intimate if that is what you want to do. Start with a full list of everyone you may consider inviting and continue to refine it by using ‘Definite’ and ‘Maybe’ labels until you reach a list that you are happy with.

2. Not giving speech guidelines:

Speeches can easily change the vibe of a wedding day. I am sure that we have all heard the stories about the Dad that spoke for 45 minutes and bored people to tears. Or the Best Man who proceeded to share far too much information that boarded on inappropriate. It’s best to front foot this… give people 5 minutes for their speech and assume they’ll take 10.

3. Not hiring a videographer:

I have to say that 9 times out of 10, the couples who tell me they aren’t having a videographer end up changing their mind within a month of their wedding day! Having a video which you can look back on for years to come is such a special keepsake and it also gives you the option to share a snapshot of your special day with friends and family who were unable to make it. Consider looking for a photographer who offers a photo and video package up front. I can guarantee you wont regret it.

4. Not planning the first dance:

The first dance can be quite a nerve-wracking experience… especially for those who don’t like to be the centre of attention or for those who aren’t super experienced on the dance floor. The easiest way to overcome this is to plan out a couple of dance moves in advance so that you know what to expect on the day. It only needs to be a minute or so and from there you can drag the rest of your bridal party onto the dance floor with you!

5. Not making their wedding day more personal or authentic:

This is a tip that I share with almost all the couples I work with. In order for this to be the best day of your life, it is SO important to create an event that truly reflects you as a couple. If you don’t, you may feel somewhat out-of-place yourselves. For example, if you are a relaxed and laid-back kind of couple, perhaps the formal style of wedding might not be the right fit for you. When it comes to writing your vows, make sure you incorporate your own style and sense of humour to ensure it feels authentic to you. There are so many ways you can sprinkle a touch of your personality throughout your day… make sure you do this if you can as these are the things that people will be talking about for years to come.

6. Not having a wet weather backup plan:

I hate to say this, but the weather is the one thing we cannot control. It is SO important to ensure you have a wet weather backup plan if you are going to host any element of your wedding outdoors. By arranging this ahead of time, it will mean a lot less stress in the leadup as you will have a lot more certainty that things can still go ahead.

7. Worrying too much on the day:

On the day of your wedding, you should be able to sit back, relax and enjoy each moment. All of the plans should now be in place and on your wedding day it is important to let go and trust the vendors to do their thing. If you are organising a marquee or at home wedding, having a Day of Coordinator is a ‘must have’ so that you and your family don’t automatically take on any un necessary tasks such as setting up the ceremony site, setting the tables or having to make decisions around wet weather plans.

8. Not spending enough time with guests:

Your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye, so it is important to spend as much time as possible with your guests as they are there to celebrate YOU after all. Where possible, aim to cap your bridal party photos at 90 minutes after the ceremony whilst your guests enjoy the cocktail hour! You may even consider doing a ‘first look’ to minimise the time spent away from your guests. If people have travelled to attend your wedding, having a Day After event is always a lovely way of ensuring you maximise the time you have to catchup!

9. Not spending any time with their new husband / wife:

If you can, step away from the chaos for 10 minutes with your new husband / wife. You can reflect on the day that has been and just soak it all in together.

10. Not having a clean-up crew:

For many venues, clean up and pack out needs to happen first thing the following morning. Make sure you seek help from your family and friends (or your Day of Coordinator or Planner) – especially if you are likely to be feeling a little dusty. This way it doesn’t all land on you, plus you get to share stories and have a laugh with your favourite people whilst you’re at it!

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you get the ball rolling with planning your own wedding. Should you need help with the planning process or with things such as sourcing a great videographer or being on site to oversee the details on the day, feel free to get in touch. I’m always happy to pop together customised packages that align with your needs and budget. With Love, Lisa xx

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