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Wedding Planning: The Ceremony Checklist

For those who are planning a wedding, you may have noticed that it is easy to focus all of your attention on ticking off the big stuff… but often it’s hard to know what the smaller things are you should be thinking about. After all…. how often does one actually plan a wedding?

What I have done is put together a quick check list covering all the extra little things you may like to tick off when planning out the ceremony part of your special day! Happy planning!

  1. Marriage Licence: Nine out of ten times, ordering a marriage licence is not even on an engaged couple’s radar. Don’t stress if this is you because either way, your Celebrant won’t let you forget about it. In NZ, you can order your marriage licence anytime within 3 months of your wedding day and it can take up to 1 week to arrive.

  2. Vow Books: If you want to turn your vows into a little keepsake, you can order ‘his & hers’ vow cards from your wedding stationery vendor. This is one of those things you can tick off nice and early if you want to!

  3. Confetti: I’m all about having some kind of confetti at the end of your ceremony. You could arrange petals from your florist, biodegradable confetti (from somewhere like The Whole Bride) or even think about using bubbles! Either way, they make for fun celebratory photos once you are officially married!

  4. Microphone: If you are having an outdoor ceremony (where wind is a factor) or if you have a decent sized guest list, I highly recommend sorting out a handheld mic for the ceremony. Nothing worse than your guests not being able to hear the whole thing. Of course, have a chat to your Celebrant and they can guide you on what is best for your special day!

  5. Signing Table: Mid ceremony, you will pop over to sign the official documents so don’t forget to place a leaner or table and seat off to the side for this!

  6. Blanket for the Kids: If you have little kids walking down the aisle, you could opt to place a little blanket in front of the first row of seating for them to position themselves. This way, they feel special being up the front and don’t feel like they need to wander around during the formalities.

  7. Ring Box: I have been a part of a wedding where the best man lost the rings in amongst the vines, pre-ceremony. Not to worry, as we did find them in the end but having a ring box can help to dodge these little moments of panic!

  8. Refreshments & Shade: Offering self-service water or juice on arrival is always a lovely idea – especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony in the summer heat! Where this is the case, offering shade is also critical.

  9. Two Witnesses: You will need to choose two witnesses to sign the official paperwork alongside yourselves and the Celebrant.

  10. Wet weather backup option: I know that sometimes it is hard to veer away from the dream wedding in the dream location… but bare in mind that weather is the one thing you can’t control. Make sure you have a clear wet weather backup plan and discuss who will make the final call on the day. Even if it rains, you will have the BEST time.

  11. Songs Selection: You need to pick a handful of songs for the ceremony. One for the processional, one for the recessional and 1-2 for the signing. If you start thinking about this early, you might find that the perfect song pops onto the radio ahead of time.

  12. Reserved Seating Signs: If you would like to reserve any seating at the front for family or VIP guests, you may like to make some little signs to indicate this. Once again, your stationery vendor can create something for you.

Hopefully there are one or two reminders in here that will help you in pulling together the finer details for your ceremony.

With Love, Lisa xx

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